Were you maybe expecting furry kitty toes?
Big padded woofies toes?
Four paws with toes?

Apawlogies if we have disappointed you.



... light and dark ... on a very special day ...

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SUNDAY SELFIE: Itty Bitty Neighbors

Children's storybooks often tell tales of "monsters" that live under-the-stairs ... but these aren't monsters, are they?  Look what we found under the front porch stair steps!  Three ... or were there four?  Ooops, we're scaring them ... stop that noisy mower-machine ... put that weed-wacker away!  These itty bitty neighbors have scurried out to play ... no bigger than a fallen leaf ... hey, thanks for taking time to pose for a Sunday Selfie ...

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Caturday Art
Photo Play
One Photo: Many Ways

 Original Photo
 Blowing Dog Bubbles
 Four Score
Dog Ball

Today, we join our friends Athena and Marie, for the return of Caturday Art.
Welcome back!

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FRIENDS FRIDAY ~ Welcoming Marvelous MARV!

There's a new kid on the block!  And he's marvelous!  He's Marvelous MARV!  
Have you met him, have you stopped by to say hi-and-hello and give him a four-paws-up welcome?

Our dear Nellie looked down from beyond the rainbow, she looked far and wide.
And the day came when she found just the one she'd been looking for: he who so needed a home, he
who would fill Barb's heart with love.  He who was the special one, just for Barb ... he who would
travel thousands of miles to join his forever family.  And now he has arrived ...



We are thankful every day for the many friends met through the wonderful world of pet blogging.  Dougie Dog is thankful for his special friend Astrid, from Four-Legged Furballs.  Astrid has a beautiful kitty family, a creative and artistic hu-mom and a blog that is always a delight to visit for the wonderful photography and art presented there.  If you haven't visited, please do so ... just click here.  We've noticed on several visits that Astrid and Dougie Dog often strike similar poses ... and so, with permission, we've borrowed a few photos to show these "two special furriends" together.  Enjoy!

Today we join many friends for
Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.